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Summer 11s

Posted on Tuesday May 15th 2018 :: 10:11 AM

We are doing field work to remedy damage from last year's dog show. We expect a Monday June 4 or 11 start depending on the weather.

Updates to follow.


Posted on Monday May 14th 2018 :: 8:34 AM

The Following 7 aside Schedules will be up on:

Monday Schedules (May 24) LEAGUE start May 28
Tuesday Schedules (May 25) LEAGUE start May 29
Wednesday Schedules (May 19) LEAGUE start May 23
Thursday Schedules (May 20) LEAGUE start May 24
Sunday Schedules (May 24) LEAGUE start May May 27

Please note: as in previous seasons, teams will have a couple of games on an off night due to a few new teams entering AND to MINIMIZE the 11pm games.

Summer 2018

Posted on Monday March 12th 2018 :: 8:07 AM

The summer leagues will have the following schedule:

7 a-side

Monday: COED, Women's Division 2, Women's Div 4 and Women's Rec 2, Mens Rec

Tuesday: COED, Women's Division 3,5 and Men's Rec 3, OT (2,3 and 40+ and 50+)

Wednesday: COED, Women's Rec 1, Mens Rec

Thursday: COED, Women's Rec, MR2, W30+ and W40+

Sundays: COED, W30+/w40+, Men's Division 3/4/5 and Men's Rec 1.

Cost: $1750 + HST for 15 games + playoffs

Start/End Date: 3rd week of May-3rd week of September

11 a-side:

Monday: Coed

Tuesday: Coed, Mens, Womens

Wednesday: Womens

Thursday: Coed, Mens, OT

Sunday: Coed

Cost: $2650 + HST for 16 games

Start/End Date: 1st week of June-1st week of October

A $300 deposit, payable to Soccer 7s is due. All leagues will be filled on a first come first served basis.

For further information, email us at staff@soccer7s.ca or call us at 613 986 0319.

Thursday schedules

Posted on Sunday March 11th 2018 :: 7:23 AM

We have modified the schedules.

If your team does not appear in the original schedule anymore, it has been moved to another division.

If you have any questions, please contact Dejan at 613 291 1799.


Posted on Thursday February 2nd 2017 :: 5:32 PM

There have been a number of incidents in the parking lot adjacent to the dome. Please ensure that your valuables are stored appropriately.


Posted on Sunday December 11th 2016 :: 7:02 PM

Fitbit is a watch and is considered jewelry. It must be covered with tape or taken off when playing.

Individual Players

Posted on Tuesday September 20th 2016 :: 1:37 PM

We have a pool of individual players looking to be placed on a team. If your team is short, please contact us.

Drinking on RA Property

Posted on Thursday June 23rd 2016 :: 3:28 PM

Please refrain completely from drinking in the parking lots and the fields at the RA Centre.

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